M/Y Aegis

  • Twin Main Propulsion Detroit 16V92 Engine Rated at 420Hp
  • Twin Generator Cummins 6BT Engine Rated @ 45 KVA
  • 4 Cabins, 4 Rest Rooms
  • Speed: 10 KTS
  • Bay Cruise: 35 pax capacity @ 350,000Php/6 hrs
  • Destination: 20 pax capacity @ 15,000USD/day plus fuel: cruise @ 200L/hr, Standby @ 30L/hr

M/Y Shanti "The Party Yacht"

A 70 ft Yacht with all the features and the goodies to set up a good yacht party, the list includes a large main deck for open air parties, an airconditioned saloon for people not into partying in the open, and three cabins for refreshing passengers in utmost comfort. We offer visual and sound systems for company presentations. Visual aids include a 55" LCD Display and Sound PA System. Slap in music by a live quartet and good food equals finest dinner party. This is the total yacht for yacht parties.


  • Single Main Propulsion Caterpillar 3408 Engine Rated at 420Hp
  • Twin Generator Cummins 4BT Engine Rated @ 25 KVA
  • 3 Cabins, 3 Rest Rooms
  • Speed: 8 KTS
  • Bay Cruise: 50 pax capacity @ 15,000Php/hr, Minimum 2 hours
  • Destination: 20 pax capacity @ 3,500USD/day plus fuel: cruise @ 100L/hr, Standby @ 25L/hr

M/Y Selina "The Traveler"

The 46 ft Camargue yacht is a flexible vessel good for transport, small island hopping, explorations and of course, cozy family bay cruises. The yacht, because of its size and make, has the agility and shallow draft to go to shallow depth places (up to 5ft). Its interior appointments are modern with bright wood and abundant modern white fiberglass. Main deck has the typical fiberglass nonskid flooring for less maintenance. The perfect yacht for explorations and island hopping.


  • Twin Main Propulsion Detroit 6V71 Engine Rated at 360Hp
  • Single Generator Cummins Engine Rated @ 12 KVA
  • 2 Cabins, 2 Rest Rooms
  • Speed: 10 KTS
  • Bay Cruise: 15 pax capacity @ 8,500 Php/hr, Minimum 2 hours
  • Destination: 12 pax capacity @ 2,500USD/day plus fuel: cruise @ 150L/hr, Standby @ 18L/r

S/B Sylvia "Run a Boat"

The 24 ft utility speedboat is a good cost effective run-a-boat for small group of guests that would like to go fishing or quick sight-seeing, a good solid camera boat for film crew or simply a chaser boat to drop or pick up guests ashore to any Realship yachts. This value for money watercraft might be a good introduction to yacht adventures.


  • Single Mercury 4 Stroke Outboard Engine Rated at 115Hp
  • Speed: 18 KTS
  • Bay Cruise: 4-6 pax capacity @ 6,000Php/hr
  • Destination: 3-4 pax capacity @ 30,000Php/day plus fuel: cruise @ 25L/hr

S/B Boston Whaler


  • Twin Evinrude E-TEC 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Rated at 250HP Each
  • 1 Rest Room
  • Speed: 22 KTS
  • Bay Cruise: 8 pax capacity @ 9,000Php/hr
  • Destination: 6 pax capacity @ 50,000Php/day plus fuel: cruise @ 130L/hr

S/B Cabin Cruiser


  • Triple Evinrude E-TEC 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Rated at 300HP Each
  • 1 Cabins, 1 Rest Room
  • Speed: 25 KTS
  • Destination: 10 pax capacity @ 65,000Php/day plus fuel: cruise @ 195L/hr