A 50% non-refundable downpayment of the total amount is needed upon reservation for preparation of yacht on the said date. It can be in form of cash or check. Check payments will only be accepted for downpayment if this is given at least seven (7) working days before the reserved date.

The balance in form of cash shall be paid three (3) days before the event.

Should you decide to extend during the event, there would be an additional charge on the account after every succeeding hour which should be paid immediately after the event.

Should the client decide to cancel the reservation, any deposit made by the undersigned will be forfeited.

Time starts on given boarding time by the client.

If it is light rain only, we push through. However, should the event not be held due to the occurrence of natural calamities such as typhoon, floods, earthquakes and likes, the event would be re-scheduled.

For the safety of the passengers and vessel, the captain has the right to change the time of departure during the trip from any point (i.e place vessel currently is)